Abundance Is… (You Know How Much You Love It)

…Picking the fattest green crystal off your altar and carrying it around in your pocket after your inner cynic tells you to put it back because isn’t that a bit much?

…Wearing your favorite creamy eye shadow even though the bottle is getting low and your inner scrimper tells you to save it because it’s not like you’re seeing anyone today anyway.

…Going for a walk when the sun comes out in the afternoon even though you still have work to do and your inner perfectionist tells you to stay in your chair until you’ve finished because if you don’t do it all you might lose it all.

…Making yourself another cup of tea with cream and sugar immediately after finishing your first even though your inner ascetic is confused because you just had tea.

…Wearing the jeans that make your ass look thick even though your inner introvert says go with the same baggy courderoys you wore every day last year because who’s looking at you anyway?

…Taking a shower with someone else and letting them have a turn in the hot water even though your inner hedonist is telling you to stay until the water runs cold because what if there’s not enough for both of you?

…Opening your wallet in front of someone asking for your help on the street even though your inner skeptic is telling you to keep walking because what if it’s a scam?

…Scrolling past job postings on LinkedIn and house listings on Zillow even though your inner opportunist is scared because what if you miss the next great thing?

…Making your toast with egg and avocado and queso fresco and pepitas even though your inner regulator is judging because isn’t that a bit rich, for lunch?

…Walking away from a fight even though inner jerkstore is dying because you’re right and you need to show them all.

…Taking a day off even though your inner capitalist is freaking out because you are only as valuable as what you produce.

…Saying what you really think even though your inner people pleaser is scared because what if they don’t like me?

…Singing loudly in public even though your inner conformist is embarrassed because why are you so weird?

…Following your creative impulses when they lead in unexpected directions (to the canvas, the sketchpad) even though your inner critic is afraid your inspiration will dry up and you’ll never write anything meaningful again.

…Writing a bullshit, new-agey listicle and publishing it on your blog because actually it’s not bullshit at all.